Normally I don’t care about Lindsay Lohan. She’s a trainwreck and threw away a really great life and opportunities. I don’t waste my time on her. However, she’s crossed a line. This bitch needs to be stopped. I know that Terry Richardson is partially to blame for these photos and for this blasphemy he should be kicked in the nads but really…really?

LINDSAY LOHAN EMULATING HUNTER S THOMPSON MAKES ME WANT TO BUNCH A DOZEN NEW BORN BABIES IN THE HEAD. I want to step on bunnies and kick puppies. This makes me so fucking angry.

Lindsay, Lindsay…Lindsay….look apparently no one in your inner circle is willing to tell you this but I am. You are irrelevant. You are not cool, you are not beautiful, you are not talented. You’re tits used to be the best part about you but since you have whipped them out every chance you get they, like the rest of you, are old news and no one cares anymore. You are washed up and a wreck, get your life together. YOUR LIFE stop emulating everyone elses life. Stop posing like Marilyn Monroe, playing Elizabeth Taylor, posing like HST get your own identity. You can’t possibly be this boring. Lindsay…please for the love of all things Internet knock it the fuck off.


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    My day was already RUINED WITH Fucking yolandi vi$$er BUT NOW IMMA KILL A BITCH
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